Tuesday’s answers

Monday’s questions were:

1. What is this crop?


2. Who said “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”?

3. Who wrote the Alex quartet?

4. Which is the highest state highway in New Zealand?

5. What is an anaphora?

Tuesday’s answers follow the break.

1. Cotton. We spotted it on our first trip to Spain and couldn’t work out what it was. Nor could a series of visiting farmers whom we asked early in the season either. It was only when we saw a painting in an exhibition of people picking cotton we worked out what it was and soon after that we saw the cotton buds ripening when it was obvious.

2. Winston Churchill.

3. Tessa Duder.

4. The Crown Range.

5. A rhtorical device repeating the same words or phrases at the start of successive sentences eg Martin Luther King’s I have a dream . . . speech.

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