Kaikoura Council sees sense on seaside BBQ

Businesses in Kaikoura have complained to the council about what they see as unfair competition from a Seaside Barbeque business.

But the council has sensibly sided with Kaikoura Seafood BBQ.

It’s not a council’s business to regulate competition, it’s their business to ensure food premises abide by hygiene standards and any other by-laws.

Instead of complaining, other eateries should be trading on their competitive advantages While eating al fresco has its attractions so to does dining inside: weather proor, comfortable seating, clean loos, no sand in your food  . . .

If the other eateries can’t cope with the heat from the BBQ’s competition they should leave the kitchens to those who can.

3 Responses to Kaikoura Council sees sense on seaside BBQ

  1. dutchie down south says:

    without knowing all the fact other than give in the link, this sounds like a good ol’ case of tall poppy syndrome to me.


  2. Neil says:

    Was this the result of an RMA hearing, otherwise the council has no business in that process?
    Businesses cannot base opposition to a new business based on the effects of potential competition in any RMA hearing.
    It can only be based on environmental,traffic and safety matters.
    Supermarket construction and food outlets are often subject to malicious opposition because of threats to monopoly situations .
    Generally, councils do a good job because there are local commissioners dealing with a local issue.
    Commissioners now train , pass an exam and then have a revision course four years later.


  3. Neil says:

    A last comment. I certainly believe the Seafood BBQ should be able to carry out their business PROVIDING they pay the charges that food operators have to pay.Remember, food operators with real estate have to pay rates. Why should a mobile operator avoid those charges ?


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