Chocolate wars

When the wind was in the right direction the smell from the near by chocolate factory wafted over the Otago University campus.

That memory provided a foundation for my preference for Cadbury’s chocolate.

But now my suspicion that adding palm oil to their recipe has resulted in an inferior product has been affirmed by an expert I’ll be changing brands.

Deciding which brand I shift my affections to will require some stringent taste testing, but if I was basing my choice on advertisements I’d be tempted by this David vs Goliath effort from Whittakers:

The ODT covers the issue here.

3 Responses to Chocolate wars

  1. Kismet says:

    Isn’t it interesting where preferences come from. Mine for Cadburys came from tours of the factory – back before they turned it into a Willa Wonka type circus and it was just a guided tour through the factory and a chance to sample stuff.
    The new stuff definitely doesn’t taste right (I went off my previously favourite caramello when they started making it in Aussie and we taste tested some dairy milk the other night and couldn’t be bothered eating it all – that’s serious!).
    Taste testing a variety of brands is required I agree.


  2. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    I’m a Whittakers fan. Not only has their chocolate more cocoa,it is GE free. That important to me. I am as sceptical about the science behind as I am about science behind Global Warming.


  3. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    That last scentence should read – I am as sceptical about the science behind Genetic Engineering as I am about the science behind Global Warming.


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