Short sighted storm on netball court

A Palmerston North nteball team has been told players may have to swap from shorts to skirts.

They’ve been playing in shorts for six years. but that is now being questioned.

Ms Walden told the Standard “there is no story here”, as the team was still allowed to wear shorts.

Ms Walden said no decision had been made on what the team could wear next year, but she wouldn’t rule out a ban on shorts.

There shouldn’t be a story here, but there will be one if the local administration, which has the right to make its own rules, doesn’t make the sensible decision which will make the issue go away.

What is it about a little bit of power which blinds people in authority to common sense?

One Response to Short sighted storm on netball court

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    When I was President of Triathlon NZ we introduced a ruLe that there be no racing in bare tops. This now the case throughout the triathlon world… and look at where the sponsors logo go! But for local net ball differing between shorts and skirts? Get real! Mind, remember that case last year in Ch’ch where the weenies had been forbidden to wear warm gear under their uniforms even when it was bleedin’ freeezing? There are sure some silly sport administrators out there!


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