Customary title explained

The foreshore and seabed issue ought to have been a simple one of property rights but it was complicated by racism , politics and ignorance over customary title.

The ministry review panel has  recommended that the Act which took the right to go to court from Maori be overturned.

Racism and politics will try to complicate what happens next. But Sir Douglas Graham has done his best to remove some of the ignorance with his lay person’s guide to customary  title in today’s Herald.

2 Responses to Customary title explained

  1. Richard says:

    A very good guide. period. Pity Graham did not provide this advise to the National caucus at the time of the F&S Bill. But there are defining moments in politics where sometimes bad legislation provides opportunities. In this case the Bill was the catalyst for the formation of the Maori Party and the eventual partnership with National- where I predict a lot of progress wil be made on Maori issues. Reflecting back to the 90’s, when tribal settlements began, it has been National who have made all the running. Whereas it was assumed that Labour were the natural partners of Maori.


  2. Tussock says:

    Simple enough. National opposed the FSA because it gave Maori too much. Now it’s going to change it because it gave them too little.

    So how much more are Maori going to get, this time round?

    Sharples and Turia haven’t gone to the trouble of forming the MP to get a few nice phrases in legislation.

    Whatever they say now, they will be looking for a hard-cash deal with ongoing economic advantages.

    And they will be expecting National to deliver.


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