8 candidates for 5 Nat Party board places

Eight people have been nominated for five places on the National Party board.

Normally two or three places come up by rotation each year but the resignation of President Judy Kirk and two other directors, Wyatt Creech and Craig Myles has created two extra vacancies.

Sitting members Grant McCallum and Scott Simpson are seeking re-election. the other nominess are: Alastair Bell, Dennis Catchpole, Wira Gardiner, Kate Hazlett, Bruce Mills, Pat Seymour.

I’m pleased that two of the candidates who have the skills and personality to make very useful contributions as directors also happen to be women.

Kate served as Southern Regional chair for six years and was an electorate chair before that.  Pat is East Coast electorate chair and a former national president of Plunket.

The election will take place at the annual conference on Augsut 1 and will use preferential voting.

Whaleoil gives his views on the candidates here. 

I’m not sure why he’s only lukewarm about Kate. I was her deputy when she was Regional Chair and couldn’t fault her leadership.

When she took over National held only one of six seats in the region and had one list MP. In the next election (2005) National held the seat it already had, won three more and kept the list MP. Last year boundary changes reduced the region to five seats. National increased its majority in the three it held, increased its party vote in all seats, got one list MP and should another list MP resign it will get one more.

Under Kate’s leadership party membership grew and the region always contributed more than its share to the party’s finances.

16 Responses to 8 candidates for 5 Nat Party board places

  1. dutchie down south says:

    Indeed HP, membership grew and that will be a valuable contribution for Kate to take to the board. Because if we might believe have of Whale Oil’s posts than we can come to the conclusion that the members are ignored by the Wellingtonian Elite and sacrified in favour of the political “Holy Grail”… the Voter…
    During the last conference I addressed my concerns about the deals National was doing with the Greens with one of the senior cabinet ministers and the answer was ” but that is what the voters want” ..so what about the loyal members who were there when non of the voters wanted to know the Nats?
    And “that is what the voters want”… is a BS story because during all the weeks I have been out doorknocking during the last campaign…not ONE single person asked me ” Nats, if it is the last thing you guys are doing but please, pretty please snuggle up with the pink Maoists”
    So I hope if Kate will be elected to the board she will be there for the people who put her there, indeed… the members!


  2. Neil says:

    Well said “dutchie down south”. Funny, I heard those comments said last night so there must be widespread concerns !
    I found some of the posts on Whale Oil quite obnoxious and in poor taste.Also use of the vernacular and language that would get you in trouble with the law.
    Seems that some of our northern mates see South Islanders as peasants or perhaps illiterate.
    Good luck Kate in your efforts to keep the Wellington’s elite feet on the ground.


  3. Tired Farmer says:

    With South Island representation declining perhaps even Neil would agree that it could be time for a Country Party or a South Island party.


  4. Letdownsupporter says:

    “Brookeonline” makes some intriguing observations.

    “Surely a new leader would not tamper with the National Party’s provisions and principles, rooted in grassroots’ expectations that the parliamentary wing of the party expresses the wish of its own members who put them there – and is not there to override them? This scenario has apparently been re-written by its new leader, discarding what doesn’t suit him. Although, according to the National Party’s own organisation rules, it is the specially-elected list ranking committees whose job it is to rank the list candidates, what actually happened pre-election was in direct contradiction of the party rules.” ……………

    If Kate does make it, let’s hope that she will be able to have some sway over the control of our new leader.

    It must be very disheartening for those at the coalface that fought for change from the dictates of Clark and her policies, to find that there appears not to be the desire required in making our country a better place.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Letdeownsupporter: I was on the list ranking committee. The deliberations were confidential so I’m not going to divulge them but I can tell you we followed the rules to the letter.

    I don’t know where you got the idea there’s no desire from National to make the country a better place. Ther are no miracles in politics but National believes the point of being in government is to make the country a better place and that’s what they’re trying to do.


  6. Tired Farmer says:

    Sorry to have to say this, but Nationals trying is already becoming trying.


  7. Neil says:

    I certainly believe that National is doing a far better job than the last crowd.
    The political emotional climate nastiness has dropped by about 100% with far fewer people being slagged off by people like Cullen and Clark. The house is a better place with Lockwood Smith than the hectoring pc Labour party insider Margaret Wilson.
    Some people would love to go back to the old days of a WASP New Zealand where the rich had the top spot, and the rest, mainly urbanites and minorities, remained servile servants of the ruling upper class.
    That’s gone with NZ rapidly approaching a status where Polynesian blood is coursing through about 50% of the population.Attitudes have to change !
    There are things I am annoyed about with the present government- a feeling that long term supporters should be respected by the caucus and cabinet and that standards and the rule of law should be acknowledged.
    Without being too mercenary, I remember Brian Talboys saying bluntly,”If you aren’t in office you can do nothing” This government is a big step up from the last crowd.
    But hey, let’s not get arrogant and don’t stop listening to the people who collect membership subs,sell raffle tickets or go to policy meetings on cold wet wintery southern nights.


  8. dutchie down south says:

    One more point I like to add Neil, ask the members if they really want all the “celebrity MP’s ” filling up the benches instead of true blue candidates who have worked their way up trough the ranks of the party, stuffed envelopes, been doorknocking, put up billboards on freezing cold days and attended meetings by driving for an hour after a hard day’s work to see only a handful loyal faithfuls and therefore got a good understanding of what the feeling is amongst the members


  9. Letdownsupporter says:

    Well I reckon Farm girl deserves a medal with her honesty re David Carter

    Farmgirl was more than a little dismissive of David Carter’s speech to the Federated Farmers conference this week.

    “He told us to, “adopt new ideas, abandon old ways of thinking and embrace different farming methods”…blah, blah, blah.”

    “This sentence has been trotted out by every agricultural minister since butter was churned by hand. It means nothing and it’s not helpful.”

    “When will Carter and his fellow ministers realise that this kind of talk is nothing but condescending as it suggests today’s farmers are slow on the uptake and are not looking towards the future.”

    “Farmgirl suggests it’s not farmers who need to embrace different methods but more the companies that represent them and the politicians who continue to impede progress by whacking on costs at the farm gate year in, year out with thinly veiled bureaucracy – Kyoto being one such example.”

    Good on you Farmgirl!


  10. Letdownsupporter says:

    Mark Hubbard has made some excellent observations at Farm girl’s post

    “And just as bad, with English’s citation yet again of the Whitehouse Treasury report on Friday (10 July), he is putting the notion of a land value tax (as if rating by local government isn’t tax enough), and a capital gains tax squarely on the table.”

    “Personally, I think one or both of these are coming, and in a medium term timeframe – unless Mr Carter wants to categorically state now that is not going to happen. (But then, he better have a word with Bill).”

    “With this, and English’s first budget where he grew the welfare state, not even attacking the rort that is Working For Families, I not only see no difference to being under the dictatorship of Papa Cullen, this National Government could be worse.”

    It has been said that farmers always do better under a labour government. It very much looks as though history is repeating itself once again!


  11. Letdownsupporter says:

    Recently Don Carson made the observartion that for any meaningful change to happen in rural communities, farmers need to take advantage of MMP and form a political party just as the greens and the Maori party have done.


  12. dutchie down south says:

    @letdownsupporter with forming a farmers party history will repeat itself again indeed, please name one farmers party worldwide which is still succesful today… The call for a farmers party is as old and worn out as the speeches of agricultural ministers… Although the farming industry is important for New Zealand, they will always miss the urban support as a political party in a way the Maori Party and Greens have.

    Oke, there are quiet a few Nat.members who are a dissapointed with the direction the Government is going but don’t forget that in a time of “internal dissatisfaction” it is uttermost important to show unity towards the outside world and keep the bikkering within the ranks.
    There is no harm in being critical, I would even say it is neccesary to be, for the sake of a healthy balanced party but Labour will have a fieldday if they can even sniff a public struggle between the (conservative) rural part and the (liberal)urban members.

    The Nats. got their own BlueLibs so if the more conservative part of the party wants a voice why not form a BlueCons within the Nats…this makes a good debate of the direction of the party possible without mudslinging in front of the rest of the country.


  13. Tired Farmer says:

    Good points duchie down south—-but

    I wonder if the same rules apply now that we are running under the MMP system?.


  14. Neil says:

    We have tried that with Country Party back in 1960’s and they failed miserably. We even had the South Island Party where they tried to turn back the waters and have a republic in the South Island.
    We must stay with a party that has principles even though that has to be a big tent political party.
    Without that big tent no political party will ever win.National voters range from the centre to the conservative(sensible) right.
    As former Deputy Prime Minister Brian Talboys said “You can’t do anything major in opposition”
    Sad to say to the one issue people, get used to things that are tinged with grey, not black and white.
    Some things we will agree on and other things we will oppose.


  15. Tired Farmer says:

    Past experience suggests that our present political parties have principals, but not principles.


  16. Neil says:

    Ideology,of the left and right, does not cut well qith ther public.
    Big tent parties win elections not not small sectional groupings.
    However any politicals party risks alienating its “true” core at its peril


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