Bare essentials ad YouTube hit


Air New Zealand’s bare essentials ad with staff wearing nothing but body paint is the third most viewed video on YouTube.

 This is the ad:

YouTube also has the bare essentials safety video here, one of  bloopers which happened when the ad was being filmed here and a behind the scenes look at the painting here.

For carnivores only


One of things my farmer likes to do when we’re in other places is check out the prices, cuts, quality and variety of meat.

At Barcelona’s Mercat de la Boqueria we found lamb legs  for 8.90 euros a kilo which is about $NZ20.


barcelona 3

These are the equivelent of our alpha grade lambs.

They are killed on weaning either because there isn’t enough feed to sustain ewes and lambs over summer or because the ewes are primarily for milking not meat.

This makes the meat sweeter than we’re used to.

There were also rabbits:

barcelona 4

I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of the tripe, but did capture this:

barcelona 5

That’s sheep’s heads on the right and beside them are bulls’ testicles.

Tuesday’s answers


Monday’s questions were:

1. Which is New Zealand’s shortest river?

2. Who said “What is left for men to do? After they’ve taken the rubbish out, that is?”

3. Who wrote For Better, For Worse and For Lunch?

4. Who was the first woman to graduate from the University of Otago (which I think means NZ)?

5. What are the Maori and botanical names for cabbage tree?

Paul Tremewan did best with two right and 1 very close (it’s Christina not Christine for 3). No-one got the anser to 2.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break: Read the rest of this entry »

8 candidates for 5 Nat Party board places


Eight people have been nominated for five places on the National Party board.

Normally two or three places come up by rotation each year but the resignation of President Judy Kirk and two other directors, Wyatt Creech and Craig Myles has created two extra vacancies.

Sitting members Grant McCallum and Scott Simpson are seeking re-election. the other nominess are: Alastair Bell, Dennis Catchpole, Wira Gardiner, Kate Hazlett, Bruce Mills, Pat Seymour.

I’m pleased that two of the candidates who have the skills and personality to make very useful contributions as directors also happen to be women.

Kate served as Southern Regional chair for six years and was an electorate chair before that.  Pat is East Coast electorate chair and a former national president of Plunket.

The election will take place at the annual conference on Augsut 1 and will use preferential voting.

Whaleoil gives his views on the candidates here. 

I’m not sure why he’s only lukewarm about Kate. I was her deputy when she was Regional Chair and couldn’t fault her leadership.

When she took over National held only one of six seats in the region and had one list MP. In the next election (2005) National held the seat it already had, won three more and kept the list MP. Last year boundary changes reduced the region to five seats. National increased its majority in the three it held, increased its party vote in all seats, got one list MP and should another list MP resign it will get one more.

Under Kate’s leadership party membership grew and the region always contributed more than its share to the party’s finances.

Lazarus stirs – ODT


So far as can be ascertained, NZ First does still exist as an entity, though moribund, and Mr Peters still appears to be its leader – but leader of what? As was once said of another politician, he has become “political muzak, a background hum”.

That’s a taste of the ODT’s editorial, the rest is here.

Mercat de la Boqueria


Mercat de la Boqueira is one of the attractions close to La Rambla  in Barcelona.


barcelona 15

It sells fresh food of every description from around 7 am until well in to the evening.


barcelona 6

barcelona 16

Disincentives work too


One of the waiters we got to know at La Brasa de Sancho in Vejer de la Frontera which we frequented on previous visits was a med student.

He’s not working this summer because if he did he’d lose his student benefit.

That’s the problem with welfare. It should be only for those who need it but it provides a disincentive for people to provide for themselves.

July 7 in history,


On July 7:

1919 British actor Jon Pertwee was born.


1924 Arthur Porritt  (later Sir) won a bronze medal at the Paris Olympics.

1928 sliced bread was sold for the first time by the Chillcothe Baking Company, Missouri.

1933 New Zealand athlete Sir Murray Halberg was born in Eketahuna.

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