Incentives work

Anti Dismal has a continuing series of posts headed Incentives Matter .

We saw how incentives work at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Ground staff are paid a bonus if luggage is on the carousel by the time disembarking passengers reach it.

We were among the first people off a Singapore Airlines flight from Christchurch last week. Our thousand acre strides helped us overtake those ahead of us on the route march from the plane to immigraation so we were first in the queue there. 

Getting through those formalities took only a few minutes and our bags were waiting for us when we reached the carousel.

Only minutes in the country and we were already impressed.

4 Responses to Incentives work

  1. pdm says:

    The union organisers would never allow service like that in NZ.


  2. Paul Walker says:

    Thanks. Have added this example to my list.


  3. Pique Oil says:

    PDM, you are partly correct, the other part being the mandatory “compliance” bullshit that will have forms to fill and boxes to tick etc.
    All to prove that it actually is fast and efficient and any errors were that of process, which an investigation will identify, thus allowing appropriate solutions to be implemented.
    Until next time ad nauseum.


  4. adam2314 says:

    Talking to an ex storeman from the company for which I work.

    He works at the airport and says that they get a bonus if the cargo for Singapore Airlines is unloaded and finished in 4 hours.


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