All NZers are farmers

Every New Zealander is a farmer, Federated Farmers’ president Don Nicolson said in his address to the organisation’s annual conference.

It’s just a question of whether you have your hands in the soil, like us, or if you depend on those who have their hands in the soil. 

From the cabby who got you here, to the hotel staff helping run this event to the media covering our conference, they all depend on what we do.

That makes them farmers….of us.

Yet we in turn, depend on them for our healthcare, our education and our information.

That means even our most vocal critics are farmers too. 

Everyone in this country has a direct stake in our success. 

Everyone in this country depends upon us to bring dollars into this economy.

The interdependence is an important point because as the planks on the bridge between rural and urban New Zealanders grow weaker, we need to be reminded we need each other.

It’s a long speech with many other good points. You can follow the link above to read it.

Other conference speeches on line include those from:

Feds chief executive Conor English; dairy section chair Lachlan McKenzie;    and meat & fibre chair Bruce Wills;

One Response to All NZers are farmers

  1. Paul says:

    This is the same Don Nicolson who helpfully tells us the smacking referendum is a waste of money?


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