They’re watching our ads here

CNN was acting as wallpaper with sound in our room in Barcelona when the word New Zealand  caught our attention.

It was an item on the Air New Zealand ads with the body painted staff.

An advertisement which makes the news – that’s a very big bang for the advertising dollar.

3 Responses to They’re watching our ads here

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    Great that they are watching our ads over here! We may also make the news in Spain next week when they find out that the airline safety video is now performed by the same painted persons… I have never seen so many people on a domestic flight here watch the safety vid. All power to Air NZ. Mind you it is not half as brilliant as the safety briefing / intro from Southwest Airlines. It is hilarious: watch it on Ewe-tube, reference: ‘Southwest Airlines Rap’. Well worth a watch.


  2. dutchie down south says:

    the news about the safety video was also all over the Dutch blogosphere


  3. bobux says:

    It made The Economist’s travel blog as well.

    Nice work, Air NZ.


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