They’re watching our ads here


CNN was acting as wallpaper with sound in our room in Barcelona when the word New Zealand  caught our attention.

It was an item on the Air New Zealand ads with the body painted staff.

An advertisement which makes the news – that’s a very big bang for the advertising dollar.

Singapore dining


It’s always fun to catch up with friends while travelling and one of the bonuses is they know the best places to eat.

Our Singapore-based friends took us to a wonderful Indian restaurant, the name of which has been lost in jet lag. I’ll email them to ask it, but in the meantime here’s a couple of pictures of what we ate:


We spooned the liquid into the wee pastry cases then ate them before the case went soggy – a delicious taste and contrast of textures.

singapore 2

Tandoori lamb – not sure if it came from New Zealand but it was tender and tasty.

Palming off oil in chocolate


Some things shouldn’t be meddled with and chocolate is one of them.

Cadbury has joined a whole lot of other companies which have changed their packaging and reduced the size of what’s in it at the same time.

It’s a sneaky way of avoiding a price increase by selling less for the same price and I might overlook that as a sign of the times.

But changing the recipe by introducing oil to chocolate – and not just any oil, but palm oil – is enough to make me change brands.

Penno & Rowath Feds Agribusiness winners


Dr John Penno, chief executive of Synlait is the winner of Federated Farmers’ inaugural Agribusiness Person of the Year Award.

The inaugural Agribusiness Personality of the Year title went to Professor Jacqueline Rowath of Massey University.

Feederated Farmers president Don Nicolson said:

“Dr Penno has been described as a ‘milk maverick’ but is Federated Farmers kind of maverick.  Synlait’s business model is revolutionary as it controls supply from the grass right through to finished product.

“Just as impressive is Professor Jacqueline Rowarth, Federated Farmers first Agricultural Personality of the Year. If you could bottle intellect, passion, dedication and charm, Massey University’s Professor Rowarth has it all and much more beside.

“As Director of Agriculture, Professor Rowarth is an inspiration to students and to farmers.  Quite simply put, she ought to be on television with her upbeat and positive conviction that agriculture is an overwhelming force for good,” Mr Nicolson concluded.

The Agribusiness Person of the Year was sponsored by gen-I and the Personality title was sponsored by Ravensdown.

Recognising agribusiness achievement and personality in this way is a great idea from Feds.

This is Penno’s second award in a week. He was one of seven people awarded Sir Peter Blake leadership awards. The Bull Pen has more on that here.

July 4 in history


On July 4:

1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published. 

1845 Irish philanthropist Thomas Barnado was born.

1868 Te Kooti  escaped from the Chathams.

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