Welfare for what?

When welfare was first introduced it was to cover necessities for people in real need.

A couple of academics want a change in the rules for the unemployment benefit   so an individual could receive it even if his/her partner was working.

People tend to live up to their incomes so the loss of a job will strain family budgets, but should the taxpayer be expected to help people sustain a lifestyle?

I think the answer lies in the quote from Jenny Shipley’s valedictory speech from Monday’s Quiz: 

“In my view the welfare state was not conceived for the middle class and yet it is increasingly captured by them.”

One Response to Welfare for what?

  1. Lee C says:

    Captured suggests they activily campaign and win it like in a battle. ‘Surrendered to them’ or handed out whether they asked for it or not’ might be a better description


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