Aa for water

Oamaru’s water supply used to be so bad the freezing works at Pukeuri had to have its own supply.

The water the people of the town drank wasn’t good enough to wash export meat in.

Seven years ago it had an Ee grading but the Waitaki District Council has done an extensive upgrade to the supply and it’s jsut been rewarded with an Aa grade.

Potable water is essential but having systems which treat it doesn’t reduce the importance of measures to ensure waterways stay clean in the first place.

2 Responses to Aa for water

  1. I would be worried if it were an “A’a” grade. It could corrode the pipes.


  2. ThamesSt Farmer says:

    Isn’t it fantastic. The water in Oamaru is better than anything the supermarket has in a bottle, and the average supermarket bottle cost $2.50. The same amount of better quality (certified A grade water) costs less than a cent.


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