You know you’re away from home when . . .

. . . there’s a sign on the back of the loo door saying: please do not stand on the seat.

In case the words don’t make it clear, there’s an illustration of the correct and incorrect way to use the loo.

7 Responses to You know you’re away from home when . . .

  1. Neil says:

    Interesting but valid comment.
    For small Territorial Local Authorities this is a real problem.
    Council cleaners clean up toilets then a tourist bus, mainly with Asians, arrive and literally leave a disaster zone.
    They have amazing gymnastic skills getting up on to the seat. Not a pretty site left behind !
    And yet the tour companies continually moan about the toilet facilities in our town.
    Remember its the ratepayers, urban in this case, paying for toilets they seldom use.
    You can’t win !

  2. pdm says:

    You really know you are away from home when you enter a toiet which has two footprints and a hole in the concrete floor.

  3. significanthazard says:

    “Remember its the ratepayers, urban in this case, paying for toilets they seldom use.”

    Neil, that maybe so in your Territorial Local Authority, but in Gore District Council’s case, a small local authority, all rating units, rural, residential and commercial do contribute to the toilets via the UAGC of $6.00 per UAGC.

    The bulk of the charge is calculated on the CV of a property in the urban area.

    Gore residential rate payers pay an “average” of $13.34, but the commercial people pay an “average” of $69.71. That is probably fair enough as the commercial sector are those that “should” get the main benefit of the tourist dollar, which hopefully filters down to the rest of the urban community.

    I do feel sorry for those industries that in the main service the rural sector. But perhaps the excessive pan tax that the motel and hospitality industry pay, evens this up a little.

    Rural farming folk do not in the main receive any benefit from the tourist dollar.

    Note that on CV some will pay significantly lower and some significantly more.

  4. Paul Walker says:

    You will similar signs in universities in this country.

  5. Richard says:

    When I was at Mons Officer Cadet Traning School in the UK over forty years ago, we received a briefing from a fearsome Regimental Sergeant Major from the Seaforth Highlanders. He marched across the stage and exclaimed ” And –there will be noooo kangrooing in the lavatories”. There were a few titters and later I found out what he meant.

  6. Richard says:

    There is a well know proposition in tourism industry that strategically placed toilets are opportunities for busnesses to be set up around them; shops, kiosks and obviously a tourist attraction. Yes, ratepayers pay for servicing the toilets. But tourists add value to a local economy. A key is to place toilets/comfort stops where tourism reveue can be maximised

  7. […] pays for tourists to go? My post on the sign on the door of a Singapore loo has generated comments  about who should pay for public […]

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