You know you’re away from home when . . .


. . . there’s a sign on the back of the loo door saying: please do not stand on the seat.

In case the words don’t make it clear, there’s an illustration of the correct and incorrect way to use the loo.

Silent order performs Hallelujah Chorus


Something different for the mid-week music spot:

Members of a silent order of monks, Les Freres de St Francis de la Sissies perform the Hallelujah Chorus.

You might want to skip the intro. The music and laughs start at about 1:38.

It’s how it looks


John Key’s directive that MPs’ spice* must pay for their own overseas air fares may not save a lot of money but it’s a good look.

Key has also said (Hat Tip Kiwiblog) that  Ministers travelling overseas must use Business rather than First Class.

If they are expected to think properly at the end of the journey it is false economy to travel economy class, but fresh from a business class flight to Singapore I can say that that level of comfort ought to be sufficient. Ministers probably have enough airpoints to get an upgrade anyway.

When the public accounts are is such a shocking state a few such gestures, even if they are mostly symbolic, send a message that the government’s taking seriously its responsibility to make savings where it can.

* spice n: plural of siginifcant other because it’s an improvement on spouses and/or partners

Memo to people who design hotel showers


A good shower is important not just for physical cleanliness but also mental wellbeing.

The factors which contribute to both have escaped or been ignored by many of the people who design hotel bathrooms.

A good shower  needs:

* Taps or mixers placed so you can use them without scalding or freezing yourself .

* Taps or mixers which can be adjusted to the desired temperature easily so minute changes don’t cause scalds or frost bite.

*Adequate water pressure which allows you to wet yourself all over and rinse off soap and shampoo. Water may be a scarce resource but something more than a trickle is required to both clean and revive the showerer.

* An area big enough to allow you to shower yourself without hitting walls or doors.

* A watertight surround – curtain, wall and or/door – which allows you to shower without flooding the floor.

* Hooks or rails close at hand for towels and clothes.

July 1 in history


On July 1:

1906 Estee Lauder was born.

1908 SOS was adpoted as the international distress signal. In Morse Code it’s . . . – – –  . . . 

1942 the first battle of El Alamein  started.

1988 The New Zealand government agreed to return Bastion Point  to Maori.

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