You get what you pay for

Most people wouldn’t expect five star service from a budget hotel.

Are passengers expecting too much from a budget airline?

A Christchurch woman claims she was fired after delays on Jetstar  made her late for work three weeks in a row. Was that the airline’s fault or hers?

Travellers’ tales from people using budget airlines in Europe have led me to believe you get what you pay for. If it doesn’t matter too much when you take off and arrive, then it’s fine to fly on a budget.

But if you want to be pretty sure you’ll get where you want to go, more or less on schedule then paying a little more is worth it.

Jetstar hasn’t had a good start and appears to have been partly at fault. But passengers have to accept that if they’re paying for budget service that’s what they’ll get.

2 Responses to You get what you pay for

  1. Kismet says:

    We flew Easyjet in Europe (and it was cheaper to fly to Venice from London than it was to take the train to Cheltenham!) and were treated with the utmost professionalism. Sure first come best seated and if you want a drink of water you’d better have a couple of euros cash on you, but no problems and cheerful helpful staff.

    Jetstar on the other hand appear to be compounding errors with lack of PR. I don’t blame them for the woman losing her job either (where was the due process, written warnings etc? should be more to the story than we heard..) but think they may have made some mistakes in other areas and they need to sort those out fairly fast.


  2. stef says:

    I used Jetstar in Asia and was impressed by the impeccable standard of service and brand-spanking new planes. This branch was being run out of Singapore airport which perhaps was the reason why things were being done right.


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