My Music maestro Steve Race has died

The radio played a big role in my childhood in the 60s, when television was new and not in many homes.

We listened to a lot of British programmes, among which was My Music,  with quiz master Steve Race and panelists Denis Nordon, Frank Muir, John AMis and Ian Wallace.

Race, who featured in all the more than 520 programmes which were broadcast, died on Tuesday.

The Telegraph’s obituary is here.


2 Responses to My Music maestro Steve Race has died

  1. Neil says:

    That really dates you Homepaddock !!!!.
    I look back with affection on people like Mantovani,Acker Bilk,the Boston Pops, the Baja Marimba band,L:eonard Bernstein, Eugene Ormandy…
    Those BBC programmes were very erudite and witty if you could decipher the intellectual humour


  2. Caryl says:

    I listened to this series until it ended in the 1990s – I seem to recall it was on a Saturday afternoon. Steve Race’s ability to seamlessly segue from one melody to another on the piano was legendary. And his musical knowledge was outstanding.

    I always looked forward to Ian Wallace singing his number at the end of the programme.

    I guess this really dates me, too.


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