A note in the mail box a couple of days ago informed us the power would be off from 10 until 12.30 today while trees near power lines were trimmed.

Thanks to the warning I was prepared – kettle in the office boiled so the staff could have morning tea, computers unplugged and a list of things to do in town.

But when I got back at 12.45 we were still powerless.

They usually over-estimate the time needed but this morning’s job took longer than expected. An extra half hour without power ought to be neither here nor there and it wasn’t a catastrophe but any time without power is inconvenient.

No power means no phone and no computers. It also means no microwave and a couple of men had brought pies for their lunches.

Still it’s back on again and all’s well – except for the seven electronic clocks on radios, oven, mocrowave, DVD . . . . which will have to be reset.

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