Tuesday’s answers

Monday’s questions were:

1. What’s the gestation period of a sheep?

2. Who said: I married beneath me, all women do?

3. Who wrote Motherhood, the Second Oldest Profession?

4. What did tamarillos used to be called and where did they originate?

5. Where is this statue (bonus point if you can name the dog and his master).

dairy 10001

Paul Tremewan gets the electronic bunch of flowers (perhaps the sweetpeas in the post above?) – for the second week in a row, but this week he’s lost half a point – he said Erma Bomberg when it’s Erma Bombeck, but he does get the bonus for the whole answer on Greyfriars Bobby and another one for being specific on the location.

Kismet gets 2 1/2 – right about tree tomatoes but not Chile-with a bonus for amusing me.

PDM get 1 and two halfs – tree tomatoes again but not Peru and Greyfriars Bobby but not Glasgow.

I’m open to debate on tamarillos – my source said Andean regions of Bolivia and Argentina but they may be found in other parts of the Andes.

The answers follow the break.


1. 144 – 151 days – nearly five months.

2. Nancy Astor.

3. Erma Bombeck. It’s a collection of her newspaper columns.

4. They were called tree tomatoes and originally came from the Bolivian and Argentinean regions of the Andes.

5. Edinburgh – outside Greyfriars pub on the corner of Candlemakers Row and King George IV Bridge.

The dog is Greyfriars Bobby, his master was John Gray.

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