Unintentional arrogance #2

David Garret said on Q&A yesterday morning that he’d apologised unreservedly for comments which offended a parliamentary services staff member.

PAUL . . . did you make an inappropriate remark to a female staff member?

DAVID I believe that’s perfectly possible Paul.

PAUL Yes or no?

DAVID Well what’s inappropriate, Paul I come from a background – I’m probably the only Member of Parliament who has been an oil rig worker for ten years, it was a big adjustment to become a lawyer, and even bigger adjustment to become an MP, I’m on a very steep learning curve, I now understand very clearly that the kind of thing that might have been okay in a law firm in Tonga is not okay in parliament.

PAUL The perception of course of the woman obviously is that it was an inappropriate remark, Rodney Hide worked on oil rigs too but he doesn’t made inappropriate remarks. Have you apologised to the woman?

DAVID Oh I have Paul, yes, unreservedly.

PAUL Do you regret making the remark?

DAVID I do, very much so yes.

An unreserved apology and regret for having made the remark ought to be the end of the matter.

But I’m left with some questions:

What’s the difference between a law firm in Tonga and parliament?

Shouldn’t you understand what’s appropriate before you enter parliament?

If you don’t whose responsibility is it to ensure you do?

4 Responses to Unintentional arrogance #2

  1. Boz says:

    What’s the difference between a rural township and the Auckland CBD. Does that answer your question?

    Not everyone is content, or able, to suddenly embrace liberal values and mannerisms because those without the fortitude to experience the world, choosing instead to live in intellectual ivory towers, demand it.

    But think a but further: why would a centre right party leadership torpedo a member of their party who is cheerleading one of their signature policies? That’s the big issue this storm in a espresso cup attempts to screen. Rodney must have been having sleepovers at John’s house.

  2. Colin Lucas says:

    Whats the difference between a law firm in Tonga and a law firm in New Zealand for that matter?
    I’ve always felt Mr Garret was a legend in his own lunch box. This confirms my view of the man.

  3. Pique Oil says:

    Two things about this are important.
    Firstly parliament is supposed to be the place where Representatives of the people work on behalf of those people. There are a lot of people in this country who would not find anything wrong with what he supposedly said or did. We as a nation are not all perfectly behaved and polite. If we were we wouldn’t need those fools in parliament to tell us how to behave.
    Secondly, the moment I see or hear that word “appropriate” I know that someone is getting shafted.
    Appropriate is the code word used by many for “what I think you should do”

  4. pdm says:

    They key thing in this whole issue is what he actually said. Does any one know?

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