Old view or new?

The photo which used to top the blog was the view from my kitchen window at dawn:

hp 1

The one which now tops it was the same view on a spring afternoon:


Except that it can’t be cropped to show the fence and fit the header.

Which do you prefer?

7 Responses to Old view or new?

  1. macdoctor01 says:

    HP: I like your new picture, but you might want to try a darker colour for your lettering.

  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Macdoctor, I didn’t realise I could change the colour but will give it a try.

  3. Rob Hosking says:

    Like the dawn photo as a photo, but the other one lightens the page. Makes it look less gloomy.

  4. JC says:

    Dawn for me.. that’s farming.


  5. Be careful with rainbows, HP.
    It could make your blog look, ahem, a little gay 🙂

  6. pdm says:

    I am not gay but I like the one with the rainbow.

  7. homepaddock says:

    Thanks for your input, I’m sticking with the afternoon rainbow for now.

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