Delia’s NZ lamb promotion prompts storm in roasting pan

British culinary queen Delia Smith is advertising New Zealand lamb on her website: 

New Zealand Lamb is produced in lush pasturelands, where plentiful native grasses, fresh air and unlimited sunshine – over 2000 hours per year – all combine to give New Zealand Lamb great flavour and eating quality. The mild temperate climate also means that livestock can remain outside all year round, feeding on grass pasture without the need for nutrient supplements and, as there’s plenty of space for the animals to roam, they are essentially free range.

Nzlogo4 V Low Res And, naturally, there’s a link between what the sheep eat and the quality of their meat: it’s no surprise that feeding on juicy, nutrient-rich grass makes for meat that is also juicy and packed with flavour and nutritional value.

That sounds good to me but Delia’s getting a roasting from British farmers who reckon she should be promoting their lamb.

One concerned website reader, Lewis Palframan, said: ‘I’m gobsmacked and disappointed.

‘In the age of food miles and carbon footprints – not to mention the need for supporting British farming – what on earth is wrong with our own lamb?’

A spoksman for the National Farmers’ Union said: ‘British lamb is produced to some of the highest welfare standards possible and envied around the world for its quality.

‘We would urge consumers to buy British lamb, local if possible, and look out for the Red Tractor logo and quality standard mark.’

Delia received a CBE for her services to the British food industry. Her promotion of New Zealand lamb would be a bit like Alison Holst telling us to buy imported meat with but of course she wouldn’t do that when our lamb really is the best baa  bar none 🙂

4 Responses to Delia’s NZ lamb promotion prompts storm in roasting pan

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    Um, shouldn’t the British producers have gotten her on board if they wanted to market their produce.
    Also once again we see the myths of food miles being perpeuated by the ignorant.


  2. JC says:

    That’s money in the bank that is.

    In difficult times people do return to the tried and true produced by good British yeomen.. and that certainly includes NZ lamb 🙂



  3. Medusa says:

    I have just been to Countdown, I REFUSE to pay an extortionate $26 for a small rolled lamb forequarter, what the hell is going on with lamb prices here at home?


  4. Indeed, I love New Zealand lamb.
    What I find odd is that the supermarkets don’t always have the same promotion on across the country.
    I noticed New World in Auckland on Monday had different specials to New World in Kerikeri on Tuesday.
    I enjoyed some lovely lamb from New World Hamilton on Saturday and it was on special too.
    I had been looking forward to pork, but it is not on special in New World up here.
    Fortunately, I am looking foprward to pork roats from the local butcher at 8-95 a kilo, but I guess I better check out Woolworths.

    However we do have a serious point. Food prices , especially meat have risen significantly in New Zealand in recent years.
    I remeber meat used to be dirt cheap compared to Britain in the mid-90s when I first came here, but now there seems little price difference- it all depends on the specials.


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