More snowish than snowy

“What’s the weather doing?” my farmer asked as I pulled the curtains and peered out at the pre-dawn gloom.

“A few stars, some high cloud, lawn’s white, must be a hard frost,” I replied.

When he got up a few minutes later he told me to take a closer look, the white wasn’t frost, it was snow.

snowish hp 2

When it got a bit lighter we found it was more snowish than snowy.

As often happens, Dunedin got a dumping and the storm came up the coast to about Wainakarua then the worst of the weather went out to sea, leaving northern North Otago with a dusting of snow which stayed on the lawn and short-grazed paddocks but has already gone from the longer grass.

snowish hp

3 Responses to More snowish than snowy

  1. Otepoti says:

    Woe is me, I have a snow day.

    “Shut that door! Leave those boots in the laundry! No, you can’t have snow icecream for breakfast!”

    Woe, woe, woe…


  2. Kismet says:


    Nice stone wall you have there.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Kismet – We like the wall too. It took three men three weeks to build and lots of stone – about a tonne per metre.


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