Simon & Garfunkel in concert

The faces are a bit older, the voices not so strong, but the songs are just as good as they used to be and Simon & Garfunkel earned the standing ovations they received.

The highlight was Bridge Over Troubled Water, even though the mic went off part way through. The audience started singing to compensate, prompting Art Garfunkel to thank us and say that was the most helpful thing an audience had even done for them.

s&g hp

One Response to Simon & Garfunkel in concert

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    It was a great concert, and the backing musicians ( like Dylans’ band) were exceptional. For those who missed it, and will not be there tonight, a very very similar concert is on a CD/DVD just released to coincide with the Australasia / Japan tour.
    Great: apart from the stupid woman in front of us who leaped to her feet for every song and clapped (not in time..) to every song that did not warrant such behaviour. Very close to telling her that we did not pay $260 to see her. The concert was great until about 9.20 when a few people ( including your correspondent) resort to their cellphones to surreptitiously check out the ABs score!!


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