Otra Puente Sobre Auguas Turbulentas – Grupo Éxodo


Another Spanish version of Bridge Over Troubled Water. This one  from Grupo Éxodo, has clearer diction than the one on the previous post from Johnny Mathias.

Someone whose grasp of Spanish is better than mine might be able to explain why the English version is about water, singular, and the Spanish one is aguas which is waters, plural.

Puente Sobre Aguas Turbulentas – Johnny Mathias


Still working on the theory you can’t have too much of a good thing, my search for other versions of Bridge Over Troubled Waters,  uncovered this version in Spanish – Puente Sobre Aguas Turbulentas by Johnny Mathias.

Did you see the one about


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Bridge Over Troubled Water – Elvis Presley & others


No one does it quite like SImon and Garfunkel but PauL left a comment on last Sunday’s post of Bridge Over Troubled Water pointing me to the Eva Cassidy  version.

That sent me in search of others and I found there’s about 2,260 of them on YouTube among which are:

Aretha Franklin

Charlotte Church

Nana Mouskouri

Il Divo

And then there’s Elvis Presley. 

I was a wee bit young to be a fan of Elvis Presley but this makes me wish I’d been born a wee bit sooner 🙂

Lie back and think of the life you might save


It’s world blood donors’ day.

I started giving blood when I was in the seventh form, and not just because it was an excuse to get out of class. Even then I understood it could save a life.

Eleven years later mine was one of the lives saved by someone else’s blood when the placenta gave way 34 weeks into my first pregnancy.

The next few years pregnancies and breast feeding precluded me from giving blood but I went back to donating after the last baby was weaned.

However, I can no longer be a donor because I was in Britain for several months in 1982 and there’s a risk I might have been exposed to mad cow disease.

I don’t remember eating much meat – my flat mates and I lived on variations on tinned tomatoes. But it’s possible I did eat beef in that time and I understand why health authorities don’t want to take any risks.

However, that ruling has cut the number of people who are willing and able to donate and there’s now a shortage of donors.

I can’t give blood, but I can give my word it doesn’t hurt when you do. There’s just a wee prick of the thumb for an initial test to ensure you’re not anaemic, then another wee prick as the needle goes into the vein then you lie back and think of the life you might be saving.

When it’s all over you’re offered a drink and a biscuit while you sit for a quarter hour or so then you’re free to go, a litre half a litre of blood lighter.

June 14 in history


On June 14:

In 1789 whisky distilled from maize  was first produced by an American clergyman, Elijah Craig and named after Bourbon, the county in Kentucky where he lived.

In 1938 Action Comics  introdcued Superman.

In 1982 The Falklands War  ended.

Simon & Garfunkel in concert


The faces are a bit older, the voices not so strong, but the songs are just as good as they used to be and Simon & Garfunkel earned the standing ovations they received.

The highlight was Bridge Over Troubled Water, even though the mic went off part way through. The audience started singing to compensate, prompting Art Garfunkel to thank us and say that was the most helpful thing an audience had even done for them.

s&g hp

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