Worst and proud of it

You have to give them points for novelty.

While everyone else is striving to be the best, the people behind a new, on-line magazine aren’t even pretending to be okay.

They’ve called it Worst and it’s dedicated to bringing you the worst of everything.

It came about when the editor decided:

Instead of  glamourising what’s glamourous and photoshopping what’s already too beautiful, why not give a try to celebrate the worst in every kind of arts/fashion/music/other? The ugly ones! The cheap & not cheerful! The grothesque! Because, so often, what is really hideous, horrible in taste, and kitch beyond comprehensible is nothing but a shameless peak into our bright future. If you doubt that worst things will be repackaged and returned to us in years to come, just take a look recent TV. To paraphrase Woody Allen, we don’t throw our garbage, we recycle it into our culture.

The first issue is here, and if this is the future I’d rather go somewhere else.

Hat Tip: Idealog

One Response to Worst and proud of it

  1. alexclaude says:

    Jesus christ is that an ugly magazine. Why did you link to it? Those people need a designer, an editor, and a photographer.


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