Political compass

 The one thing which stands out when I do multi choice tests like the political compass is that I don’t like black and white answers because my response to many of the questions is but/providing/if. . .

That said, I’ve done two versions of the political compass and come out in a similar position as a right moderate social libertarian.

This one is the political spectrum quiz:

 dairy 10001

This is the political compass (which I found ages ago through Monkeywithtypewriter)


I’m left of Freidman and right of Ghandi on the economic spectrum but on a similar level to both on the social one.

I’m also a bit further right and more liberal than Halfdone at Something should go here and Lucia Maria at NZ Conservative and well to the right and more liberal than Dave at Big News .

P.S. – Halfdone is interested in compiling a chart of where bloggers sit on the compass.

5 Responses to Political compass

  1. I’m a right libertarian too.
    A bit conservative too.
    That must have been the other test.


  2. JC says:

    Somewhat right and slightly authoritarian for me.



  3. Rob Hosking says:

    I like this latest quiz because it lets you put a weight on your answers. Which helps, from an NZ perspective, if only on the question about intervening in other countries to impose democracy. We might manage the Tokelaus, I suppose, if we managed to sneak up on them when they’re asleep.

    I’m fairly libertarian, it turns out. Which is not a great surprise.


  4. Alan says:

    This was last done five and a half years ago.

    Even I’m on there – at that point things were a lot more collegial in the NZ blogosphere and there weren’t very many self-described “political” blogs. In my opinion many people since have been reticent to post on political subjects for fear of attracting the bile-spewing of the all too prevalent wingnut fringes.

    Anyway, here’s the posting on No Right Turn:



  5. adamsmith1922 says:

    OK, I am a sucker, count me in


    BTW I think Rob has a point


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