R20 at the new Bowler

The Bowling Green hotel hosted generations of Dunedin students.

But the ODT reports the pub has moved from the edges of the university campus in north Dunedin to Moray Place in the centre of the city and publican Mark Deason said people under 20 won’t be welcome.

“He described the “enthusiastic” behaviour of customers under 20 as “more erratic” than those over 20.

“They are often louder and more obnoxious.”

Deason says younger people tend to rush in and out of bars, distrubing other patrons who take a more leisurely approach.

I’ve got some sympathy for this move, it’s his business, he wants the bar to have a quieter ambience and the Sale of Liquor Act says a publican isn’t obliged to serve anyone; but he may run in to the Human Rights Act which prohibits desicrimination against people on the grounds of age.

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