Personal perspective kinder than political

Had this been last year and I’d just heard the news that a minister had resigned I’d have looked at it from a political perspective.

Because I know and like Richard Worth I am seeing his resignation from a personal perspective and I’m sorry.

Kathryn Ryan said she will be talking to John Key about this on Nine to Noon  at 10.45.

2 Responses to Personal perspective kinder than political

  1. Inventory2 says:

    It doesn’t look good for Worth. I guess Cam Calder will be sorting out his bits and pieces in preparation for a new job.


  2. Neil says:

    Watching TV Channel 94 today John Key barely contained his anger when Phil Goff made tentative questions about Dr Worth.
    Whether you know Dr Worth or not, his future lies in the police report.
    Someone is going to be hurt.
    However John Key has at least upheld his standards unlike Helen who dodged and feinted on all charges


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