Files overloaded

There’s a theory that we never forget anything.

Everything we’ve ever known is still there, filed away in the dim dark recesses of our memories.

That theory doesn’t explain why the things we need to remember are buried under things we don’t, but this Venn diagram illustrates the problem:


Hat Tip to The Hand Mirror for pointing me at GraphJam.

5 Responses to Files overloaded

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    What I want is some explanation why I can remember dodgy lyrics of a song I heard 30 years ago, but not where I left my keys an hour ago.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Rob – I don’t have an explanation but it’s probably related to the ability to recite a poem learned at kindy – more than 40 years ago – but not the name of someone I was introduced a few moments ago.

    Miss Polly had a dolly that was sick, sick, sick …


  3. Buggerlugs says:

    Or the fact that the new babysitter who turned up on Saturday was once the flatmate of a woman scorned (she wasn’t really, she just misunderstood what I meant). I remembered this salient fact at dessert (which was hastily eaten and cognac then eschewed). Luckily she wasn’t the nasty type although I had visions in the taxi of the eight year old Man Beast defending his little brother with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sword…


  4. Inventory2 says:

    That’s so true Ele, except in my case the points of intersection nare probably smaller.

    And Rob – perhaps we are kindred minds! I have a great memory for trivia, but important stuff … 😦


  5. Julie Fairey says:

    Graph Jam has some good stuff! Thanks for the linky lovin’. I’ve found since becoming a mother I am forgetting a lot more stuff, but I think it’s because I also have a lot more to remember now, plus the whole sleep deprivation thingy.


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