Susan’s got talent – updated

There’s no shame in being the second best talent in Britain and Susan Boyle was gracious in defeat.

In last night’s final she sang I Dreamed a Dream, the song she’d sung in her audition.

She has not only dreamed a dream, she’s helped other people dream too.

And while she hasn’t won Britain’s Got Talent, she has launched her own career.

A video of her final performance is here.

The winner was Diversity.

Saxaphonist Julian Smith came third.

Upadte: Youtube has the video:

3 Responses to Susan’s got talent – updated

  1. Inventory2 says:

    As some wise sage once said – “Ain’t no second prize in a gunfight!”


  2. Tired Farmer says:

    Susan Boyle and Julian Smith certainly nailed it with their performances in the finals,proving music is certainly an international language,courtesy of the internet. Congratulations to all involved.


  3. Paul Corrigan says:

    Long after Diversity have been forgotten — starting about now — Susan Boyle will be remembered as the sensation of the contest. I’ll buy any CDs she records. That was the voice of some sort of angel.
    – Paul


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