When does the child become an adult?

There’s nothing unusual about a bit of parent-child tension over cleaning a room.

It’s not unusual for discussions to deteriorate and for the child to have a tantrum.

It’s not unknown for the tantrum to result in the child throwing a plate.

It isn’t, however, so usual for the parents to then to call the police.

It’s even more unusual when the child in question is 28.

 Andrew Mizak is an independent political consultant who lives with his parents but his father decided not to press charges in case it harmed his son’s political career.

 The story has gone round the world – you can watch reports on YouTube .

It  doesn’t say what Mizak’s political aspirations are, but he might have to grow up before he achieves them.

HatTip: The NZ Week

3 Responses to When does the child become an adult?

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    I suspect ‘independent political consultant’ means he’s a blogger.


  2. Pique Oil says:

    Dad said the son was 270 pounds= 120 kilos and he couldn’t fight him. the babay then went to his room “crying uncontrollably” . What sort of political career is being harmed here? Good Lord this baby would be cut to pieces in Parliament if Alamein Kopu had snarled at him.


  3. bobux says:

    I’m with Rob. ‘Independent’ seems to be the current euphemism for ‘unemployed’.


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