Rod Carr to chair Infrastructure Board

Infrastructure Minister, Bill English has announced the appointees to the National Infrastructure Board.

The board has been set up to provide independent advice to the Infrastructure Minister and to help formulate the first 20-year National Infrastructure Plan, which will be completed by the end of the year.

Members have been chosen on the basis of their individual skills and their collective knowledge of infrastructure planning, investment and asset management methods.

The chair will be Dr Rodd Carr, Canterbury University Vice Chancellor and a former managing director of Jade Corporation and a former Reserve Bank  deputy governor. He was a senior executive of Bank of New Zealand and National Australia Bank; is vice-president of the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and a director of Lyttelton Port Company Ltd and Taranaki Investment Management.

Other members are: Sir Ron Carter, Lindsay Crossen, Dr Arthur Grimes, Dr Terence Heiler,  Rob McLeod, John Rae and Alex Sundakov.

It’s an impressive line up and I’m particularly pleased to see Terry Heiler’s name on the list. He’s an engineer, a former director of Landcare Research and chief executive of Irrigation New Zealand.

His profile on the INZ website says:

Dr Terry Heiler is an international consultant in natural resources, specialising in water management and irrigation. His engineering consultancy works with clients in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and with major international development agencies. His prior experience includes 25 years as a principal research engineer – soil and water, and 11 years as director of New Zealand Agricultural Engineering Institute, Lincoln University. He runs a small farming business based in West Melton, Central Canterbury. Terry was appointed as the inaugural chief executive of INZ in July 2006. His role with INZ is primarily leadership of the New Zealand irrigation industry with scientific and accurate advocacy to government and other key decision makers.

6 Responses to Rod Carr to chair Infrastructure Board

  1. Paul Walker says:

    “a former Reserve Bank governor”

    Former Deputy Reserve Bank governor.

    “a former director of Jade Corporation”

    Former managing director.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Paul – corrected.


  3. Paul Walker says:

    I have some doubts about the usefulness of such aboard. The last thing we need is more “Think Big”.


  4. homepaddock says:

    I’m with you against Think Big and picking winners – but there is a place for government in better roads, reliable power supply . . .


  5. bobux says:


    Under this and any likely future government, the Crown will be the major owner of infrastructure in New Zealand. I doubt even the most rabid libertarian would disagree, no matter how much they might deplore it. Therefore it seems sensible for the government to manage its assets and associated funding as carefully as possible.

    My concern is that the group appears heavily weighted towards engineers. They are indispensible at actually getting stuff built, but often terrible at deciding what to build and where to put it.


  6. Joe says:

    I think what we’ll see with a mix of contracting, banking and investment experience/ownership, is an advisory board focused heavily on private/public partnerships similar to what the Australians have been using in recent years (think Sydney tunnels).

    My only concern with the group, and it might sound a bit lefty, is that there will be an emphasis on road building when it comes to transport. New Zealand needs more investment in this area but thats only a short term fix and the medium to long term (ie20 year) goal should be to further develop public transport infrastructure, something that this government is doing its damndest to prevent.


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