Tonight’s the night for Susan Boyle

Six weeks since she wowed the judges and the public in her first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle will face the music again tonight (tomorrow morning in NZ).

The Times reports that millions of people will watch the show tonight as Boyle competes for a place in the semi finals.

A fifth of Britain’s population are expected to switch on their televisions this evening to watch a dancing dog, a break-dancing pensioner and a man who can do unspeakable things with a clothes hanger. What they and millions around the world will be waiting for, however, is the return of a doughty Scottish lady whose name is known from West Lothian to New South Wales.

Susan Boyle has gained global recognition for her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra is preparing for her arrival in July to record an album, a place is being prepared for her in a West End show and a line of Susan Boyle dolls is in production in America.

Tonight the world will learn whether she is also considered good enough to proceed to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent. Assuming that she is, Ms Boyle will perform next week in one of five semi-finals in advance of the final on Saturday evening.

Her fame has put the wee town of Blackburn on the map and regardless regardless of the result of the contest she’s already a winner on the internet.

Her performance has reached the top five in a list of the most watched viral videos – and in only five weeks.

3 Responses to Tonight’s the night for Susan Boyle

  1. CWO2 Dick and Janie Eldred says:

    Good luck and God bless you, Susan. We’re all pulling for you. You totally gobsmacked us. We love you,
    Dick & Janie


  2. L.J. Cardin says:

    Susan Boyle is the most important talent of the last hundred years.
    I dream of owninga record of her singing.


  3. L.J. Cardin says:

    Replying to myself.
    Susan Boyle brings tears to my eyes every time I hear her sing.
    She is a wonderful talent and I wish her all the best.


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