Screen-free flights for small planes

We heard the news of the attempted hijack of the small plane flying into Christchurch last February as we were driving up to meet friends from Argentina.

They had to spend most of the day waiting in Auckland which isn’t a lot of fun after a long flight. But they found someone willing to let them use a mobile phone and gave us their new estimated time of arrival and we found enough to occupy us in Christchurch until they got there.

It was obviously upsetting for the people on the plane and I can understand flight crews being a bit nervous. But the plan to introduce screening at smaller airports was an overreaction which the government has very sensibly canned.

A 19 seater plane flies in and out of Oamaru airport.

The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, I’ve yet to use the service without meeting someone I know and not once has it concerned me that the passengers and baggage haven’t gone through security screening.

Life is full of dangers, some ought to be guarded against but sometimes the difficulty and expense of  protecting us outweighs the risks.

Security screening for small planes is such a case.

While we’re on the subject of airline security, why are pocket knives and knitting needles considered dangerous when glass bottles aren’t? If anyone wanted to hurt someone they could do it just as easily with a broken bottle as they could with many of the other things now banned from carry-on baggage.

And if we’re not trusted with sharp things, why do they trust us to turn off our mobile phones?

Hat Tip: Kiwiblog

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