Prawn goes from poacher to gamekeeper

Busted Blonde has signed off from Roarprawn.

She’s brought a unique and very well informed perspective to the blogosphere and I’ll miss her. Do check the predictions in her penultimate post, and mull on the reason she’s going:

The simple fact of the matter is that we are going to work for a Ministry full time. Yip a public servant gig. As my mum says – a real job…We start tomorrow.

And the State Services Act is a bit of a bitch if you want to be a political commentator. Now we are fairly well positioned as a National Govt cheer leader but from time to time we have to put down our pom poms and give them a piece of our mind and , well you cant do that when you are a public servant.

I wonder if everyone else shows the same respect for the States Services Act, or doesn’t it apply to the parliamentary library?

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