Alexander Rybak Eurovision Winner

While we’ve been concentrating on New Zealand music this month, on the other side of the world attenion has been on the Eurovision Song Contest.

The final was held last night and won by Alexander Rybak, a fiddle player from Norway, who composed the song he sang, Fairytale.

TV3 has more news on the final.

5 Responses to Alexander Rybak Eurovision Winner

  1. andreea says:

    he’s just adorable….and deserved to win….


  2. Nomad says:

    Apparently Eurovision isn’t as uptight as American Idol about letting their show appear on Youtube


  3. aurela says:

    alex congratulacion you win you are so cute good luck in the future


  4. aurela says:

    I would like to met you but I know thet is imposible I can’t realised this are the best don’t forget this you are the BEST!!!!!!!


  5. Karla Conti says:

    Alexander Rybak is adorable, Fairytale is fascinating. A symphony of joy , of love, of youth and finesse…. The best winner ever. The best Eurovision contest ever: high quality contestants, imagination and versatility, creative, alert and spectacular shows, an unforgettable night.
    Perfect timing for changing the last years routine boring schedule of destructive arrangements . The music was on the verge to lose its charm and deprive us of pleasure… because of the way of scoring songs based only on geographical arrangements and random lobby.
    Bravo to all participants! Bravo Moscow!
    Bravo to you, Alexander, the king of joy , the beauty of life!
    You are GREAT! God help you for making our lives more beautiful, for changing things, for forcing everyone to admit and accept the value.
    I have watched your show over and over again, I am old , alone and sad and you gave me the joy of life. You are a charming star to bring happiness to people.We all love you. All our respect to you, Mr. Rybak!


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