Feel, Speak, Think – uh oh

One of the – many – reasons I’d never consider a career in politics is that I have a tendancy to feel then speak and only later do I think.

Of course that means that sometimes what I think is uh-oh as no doubt Melissa Lee did after saying the new motorway might keep criminals from South Auckland away from Mount Albert.

It was a stupid thing to say and she has acknowledged that and unreservedly apologised for saying it.

Of course Labour made a meal of it and is determined to keep dishing it up again. I’m not questioning that because that’s what happens in politics.

The media has made a meal of it too and while I’m not questioning them reporting it I do have some questions about the prominence it was given and the fact it’s still getting it.

I accept that a statement made at a public meeting during a by-election was fair game. But usually in cases like this if an MP admits a mistake and apologises the oxygen goes out of the issue.

Why then was this silly story still leading radio news bulletins all afternoon and why has it just been previewed as the major item for the late TV news, long after the apology was made?

Is this really the most important thing happening in the world today?

6 Responses to Feel, Speak, Think – uh oh

  1. Deborah says:

    It’s still getting served up because it speaks about her character.


  2. JC says:

    “Is this really the most important thing happening in the world today?”

    It is for the Labour Party. Lee represents an existential threat to it in its supposedly safest seat.

    Incidentally, Lee was parroting what the police apparently told a Mt Albert community meeting several weeks ago.



  3. alex Masterley says:

    Similar comments were made at a meeting I attended last year regarding the denizens of South Auckland by a senior constable in my locality.
    The officer indicated that road blocks at Queenstown Road and any of the SH1 on- ramps southbound usually idenitified carloads of south aucklanders and their unlawfully gained booty.
    Bring on the extension i say.


  4. JC says:

    Fortunately Lee has now apologised for the awful insult she gave to Sth Auckland crims, and agrees they probably can find their way off the motorway so they can go about their chosen occupation.

    The Sth Auckland city fathers are still ruffled though.. they reckon all their crims are nice family boys and only ransack the neighbours’ properties.

    Likewise the Westies are insulted.. they are adamant that their local crims are perfectly capable of robbing the neighbours, and don’t need any help from Sth Auckland.

    By-elections are such fun.



  5. Liz says:

    The trouble with PC NZ these days is just that; the PC’ness has become entrenched. You can’t say what you think any more and get shot down for calling a red car red. How come the media didn’t jump on Helen for her ‘wreckers and haters’ comment – far worse. Key should have stood by his candidate, tood the media to rack off and told Labour not to be so hypocritical and high and mighty. Where is the robustness in our politics these days? Yep, the Thought Police are here to stay.


  6. NiuZila says:

    “You can’t say what you think any more and get shot down for calling a red car red”

    Calling a red car red may be true but politically and practically stupid.


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