When feminist meets socialist who wins?

Last Sunday, May 3, was the 30th anniversary of the election of Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister.

Fairfacts Media marked the anniversary with a series of posts starting with a video of her entering number 10 Dowling Street   and finishing with The Lady’s Not For Spurning.

Inquiring Mind remembered the Iron Lady 30 years on  and had several quotes of the day about her including this one from Lord Howe of Aberavon.

I don’t remember seeing any other posts and I’m sure I haven’t seen any from women bloggers. There may have been some I’ve missed and it could just mean that bloggers have lives and, like me, chose to blog on other things last week.

But  it did remind me that feminists who celebrate women’s achievements often ignore those of right wing women.

That leads me to ask,  are all feminists left wing and do they want women in power, or do they want people who share their views?

All else being equal I might back a woman before I’d back a man. But if other things weren’t equal,  I’d support the best people and in politics that’s people with similar centre right views to me rather than women with a different political outlook.

I would be concerned if there were no women at all in parliament, but I’d rather have people there doing the right things than women doing the wrong things.

That’s why I consider myself a peopleist rather than a feminist.

Women should have equal rights and opportunities because they’re people not because they’re women and what gets done is more important to me than the gender – or come to that race or any other measure of diversity – of who does it.

8 Responses to When feminist meets socialist who wins?

  1. bobux says:

    Very well put.

    In the same way that blood is thicker than water, ideology is often thicker than either sex or colour.
    Just as you don’t see a lot of feminists praising Thatcher (or Shipley, for that matter), you don’t see Condoleeza Rice widely lauded as an example to black women.


  2. Well spotted HP, I hadn’t considered the feminist aspect of Thatcherism, though I recall it has been noted by right-wingers in the past in Britain.

    In popular culture, I also remember the Spice Girls noting Maggie as a fine example of ‘girl power.’

    But with the feminists and the left, we see that given a choice between shafting a woman, as it were, and a black man, it was interesting to see the woman get shafted in the name of racial harmony.

    A bit like how the left seem to prefer homophobic muslims to gays.

    The leftist mind is a strange thing to consider.


  3. stef says:

    Erm homepaddock I wouldn’t say that we tend to ignore rightwing women. We might have disagreed with Sarah Palin’s politics but that didn’t stop us calling out misogynistic attacks and more recently had a post about a women’s business group Jenny Shipley is organizing that nobody else in the blogsphere seemed to be commenting on.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Stef – Fair call, tend to ignore was a bit broad.

    But you didn’t address the main question of whether all (or even most) feminists are left wing and whether they want women in power or people who share their views?


  5. Deborah says:

    I think Ele, that many of us left wing people feel the same way about Margaret Thatcher as you feel about Helen Clark.

    Other than that, I wanted to see Clinton take the nomination rather than Obama, and I was up front about that, and as Stef said, The Hand Mirror crew talked about the sexism that Palin was facing. Not because we liked her politics, but because that’s what feminists do.


  6. stef says:

    whether they want women in power or people who share their views?
    I’m in favour of women being involved in politics whatever there flavour and will defend their right to do so however if given the choice between a progressive male and a conservative woman I’d back the progressive guy. But that’s a bit of a clayton’s choice. It’s a bit like asking you whether you would rather vote for a competent Labour/Green MP ahead of an incompetent National one (yes I realise the obvious answer is that all National MPs are comptent ;p)


  7. homepaddock says:

    Stef – it’s a bit like if you bring your children up to be independent you have to accept their views may not be yours, but it’s still better for them to be independent.


  8. philanthropicwall says:

    Being British, I love ‘Wallflower’ by MC Frontalot with the lyrics “I’ve got a new dance called The Margaret Thatcher.
    It’ll get in your pants, you’d better call the dispatcher.
    and don’t do anything I wouldn’t condone
    except a dance named after a villainous crone.”
    Songs featuring Margaret Thatcher continue to be produced, such as The Magggie Thatcher Experience (http://www.maggiethatcher.com/video.html )with Thatcher’s Death Anthem and ‘The Lady’s not for Burning’ (http://www.maggiethatcher.com/buymusic.html) who are trying to Flash Mob Thatcher’s Death by using social networking sites such as Facebook.(http://www.flashmobdeath.tk) They are a one piece spoof band from Sheffield, Yorkshire who make use of Flash Games related to the iron lady or the Miners Strike to gain popularity. (http://www.milksnatcher.com )They are not the only ones, however. Chumbawamba also have an E.P out called ‘in Memorium’ which will be sent out to everyone who orders one the day Thatcher dies. The genre ‘Geek or Nerd Hip Hop’ have also produced songs featuring Thatcher such as MC Frontalot with the lyrics “I’ve got a new dance called The Margaret Thatcher.
    It’ll get in your pants, you’d better call the dispatcher.
    and don’t do anything I wouldn’t condone
    except a dance named after a villainous crone.”


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