Is it black humour or is it offensive?

This ad for Stihl chainsaws is up before the Advertising Standards Authority.

Do you reckon it’s black humour or just offensive?

I think it’s both and whether the humour cancels out the offence is very much a matter of opinion.

There’s a poll on whether or not it’s offensive here.

Hat Tip: NBR

5 Responses to Is it black humour or is it offensive?

  1. Otepoti says:

    And now, we’re offended by the behaviour of FICTIONAL characters in ADVERTISEMENTS?

    Dear heavens, it’s enough to bring out the capslock in me.

    Truly, we must be the most childish folk on the face of the earth.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    You’re kidding aren’t you Ele? What an absolute load of crock.


  3. homepaddock says:

    I2 – The humour outweighs the offence for me and I certainly wouldn’t want it banned, but I can understand that some people won’t see the humour and because of that will find it very offensive.


  4. Colin Lucas says:

    When i first saw the ad I thought it was a version of the Stella Artois one.
    It shows how that ad affected the thinking of the Stihl marketing team.


  5. Inventory2 says:

    To clarify the post above – the load of crock I refer to is the fact that a complaint has been laid. I went back and read your post properly Ele, then my response, and concluded thast you could have concluded otherwise 😉

    Anyway, FWIW I make my opinions clear here:


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