Four year terms mooted by Hide

The NBR reports Local Government Minister Rodney Hide has suggested a four year term for both local and central governments.

Answering a question at a business seminar on the super city for Auckland, he said the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance recommended a four-year term for councils.

But this would not be practical unless the central government term was also extended to avoid clashes of election times. Such a change would not occur without a referendum, Mr Hide said.

Elections are a check on the power of councils and governments so a three year term provides a more frequent check than a four year one, but I am open to the idea of extending the term.

A four year term would be a little less expensive for tax and rate payers who pay the costs of elections and also pay for election bribes.

It would allow more time for consultation and consideration of policy by both parliament and the public.

It would also give governments and councils more time to implement their policies – although I’d feel a lot more positive about this if National was in power than if they weren’t 🙂

One Response to Four year terms mooted by Hide

  1. Lewis Holden says:

    I’d be in favour of four-year terms if they were fixed, unlike the status quo where the Prime Minister can pretty much declare an election when they choose – or, more importantly, they’re able to set the election date.


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