Sizing Up Subsidies

Big busted women in Britain are battling Marks and Spencers  over its policy of charging two pounds more for larger bras.

The women say it’s not fair but the company reckons the extra charge is justified:

M&S spokeswoman Jessica Harris said in a statement that it would be impossible to cut prices on large-size bras without reducing quality.

“At DD and above, the weight of a woman’s breast requires additional support, fabric and structure in a bra and from our years of experience we know it’s critical not to cut corners on this,” she said.

I think they’ve got a point, just as airlines have when if they charge people more  if they take up more than one seat.

It’s not discrimination it’s user pays.

If the big busted women don’t pay for the extra engineering and material required to support them every other woman who buys a bra will be subsidising them; and all the other passengers will be subsidising those who don’t fit in a single seat.

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