Brash email saga never ending story

Busted Blonde has a pretty good record of hearing whispers from people in the know.

Last night she passed on one that today’s papers would bring revelations on the saga of Don Brash’s emails, and the Dom Post does.

Tracy Watkins reports that police are about to release their file on the investigation, that Don Brash has been given a heavily censored version and that he wants the full file released.

This issue has never been treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Either someone breached parliament’s internet security which means it’s still at risk; or it was an inside job and the person or people who abused a position of trust are almost certainly still there and able to do it again.

I don’t buy the story it was someone in National because I can’t see why anyone from within the party would give anything to Nicky Hager.

But until the questions of who did it, how they did it and why it’s taking so long to find out are answered all we’ve got is a political who-done-it that’s turned into a never ending story.

It’s taken far too long to get not very far at all. Busted Blonde reckons it will take another year  to get the whole truth and it will destroy careers.

10 Responses to Brash email saga never ending story

  1. Inventory2 says:

    And the burning question is:

    Why has Nicky Hager never been prosecuted for either receiving stolen property, or using a document for pecuniary gain?

    Given the amount of information he was in possession of, I reckon that even the Keystone Cops could have launched a successful prosecution.


  2. Rob Hosking says:

    Not jsut ‘someone’ within National – six of them, Hagar reckoned at the time his book came out.

    One, perhaps two, I might have believed. But SIX???


  3. Alan says:

    You will find down the road that someone who has
    just been promoted to the labour front bench will
    be involved.


  4. Chad C Mulligan says:

    Oh please, tell me you are not that wet behind the ears. You can’t see anyone in National leaking the emails? Really? I can think of 1/2 a dozen possibles just off the top of my head starting with the current PM.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Chad – the media was full of stories which suggest National’s caucus leaked like a sieve at that time. It’s not that there were leaks it’s that it was emails which few others would have easy access to which raises questions and even more that the leakers – and as Rob points out above, there were supposedly six of them – would give the emails to Nicky Hager.


  6. Deborah says:

    Why not go for a simple explanation? Brash had two adulterous affairs, so chances are he had more. Perhaps a disgruntled secretary took her revenge.


  7. Alan, do you mean Trevor Mallard?
    Well, he klnows all about affairs , doesn’t he?


  8. Robert says:

    And the year has come and gone but????


  9. homepaddock says:

    But nothing.


  10. gravedodger says:

    Just because the Labour party and the sycophants who glide to positions in the upper atmosphere on their coat tails and under the protection of the party(until car hits train), all work under the SOP that the ends justify the means, they do that with two big qualifiers. It is only justified for those “on the team” and the protection only lasts until the tomato sauce starts to splatter the top brass.
    I am so very disappointed that plod and his peelers have gone nowhere with this as there seems to the bush lawyer in me to be significant pressure and sanction available to bring the whole smelly mess out into the sunlight for sanitisation.


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