Alaska calling

It’s stat time of the month when bloggers reveal the numbers for their blogs.

I noticed that Not PC, though regularly in the top three blogs in the country, is desperately seeking someone from Alaska.

I can’t match him for numbers, but unless there’s something wrong with my geography, I think the wee dots in the top left indicate that at least a couple of people from that state have popped over to Homepaddock.


(Most visitors come from within New Zealand but somewhere between the screen capture and this post it fell off the map).

One Response to Alaska calling

  1. You’d think its governor Sarah Palin might enjoy NotPC.
    I must try this cluster thing you have and see where my readers live.
    I have noted, according to Alexa, that a few weeks back I had a 10% US readership.
    But they have gone now to be replaced by a similar number of Brits!


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