Pots & Kettles

Phil Goff has just told Breakfast what a good job Trevor Mallard will do in his new post as Education Spokesman and how he’ll counter the razor gang attacks from the government.

Excuse me?

Maybe Phil was overseas when Mallard cut a swathe through the countryside and provincial towns and cities, shutting schools left, right and centre as he went.

If there was one single explanation for the bluewash in the provinces which started at the 2005 election and continued in 2008 it was the closures forced on schools by then Education Minister Trevor Mallard.

Besides, any cutting the government does will be in the bureaucracy Labour allowed to balloon not in the schools which it neglected.

One Response to Pots & Kettles

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Very well said Ele. Mallard cannot be allowed to rewrite history on education, and we should remember that it was Bill English who was so effective against him through 2004 and 2005. Who could forget school closures, NCEA fiascos, Te Wananga O Aotearoa and worthless tertiary courses such as Twilight Golf and Surfing. Ah yes, there are MANY memories of Mr Mallard!


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