Aunty Alice Brought Us This

Rob beat me to Pretty Girl, which he posted on Sunday,  so here’s another Hogsnort Rupert song as my contribution to day five of the New Zealand Music Month tune a day challenge.

It’s Aunty Alice Brought Us This (and because it’s a medley you get four other songs as a bonus, I didn’t recognise the second and third, the fourth is When Grand Dad Played his Piano and it finishes with Pretty Girl) :

UPDATE: Inquiring Mind takes us to Taurmaranui on the Main Trunk Line with When The Cats Been Spayed adn gives us a bonus with Po Atarau (Now is the Hour) by The Willow Singers

Keeping Stock brings us Love Hate Revenge  from The Avengers.

Rob gives us twofer Tuesday – Distant Sun  from Crowded House which comes with a long story short and Greg Johnson singing Save Yourself.

2 Responses to Aunty Alice Brought Us This

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    Was on a bus between vineyards at the Martinborough festival back in the mid 1990s and a bunch of teenage blokes got on the bus singing this song. A couple of bods from the original Hogsnort were singing at the next vineyard, but I was impressed these young blokes knew a song recorded about 10 years before they were born.


  2. adamsmith1922 says:


    I had preset this for a few days time, but will leave it in the schedule as it is such a good medley. Plus we were all bound to have some duplicates.


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