The scoop that wasn’t

The Herald thought it had a scoop:

National party ‘names’ candidate for Mt Albert by-election

National is holding a meeting in Auckland suburb Mt Albert this evening to select its candidate – but someone in the party has already decided who it is going to be.

The National Party Mainland Conference agenda lists Mt Albert candidate MP Melissa Lee as a speaker.

But it’s the paper that’s got it wrong. I’ve got a copy of the official programme and it says:

Address by Mt Albert’s List MP Melissa Lee.

Note the difference between Mount Albert candidate which she may or may not be after tonight’s selection, and  Mount Albert’s list MP which she is.

The programme notes her position as buddy MP for the electorate which isn’t represented by National, it’s not second guessing the selection process.

Hat Tip: No Minister

UPDATE: TV One news has just given the same story, not understanding the difference between a list MP and a candidate.

8 Responses to The scoop that wasn’t

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Looks like another candidate for MacDoctor’s Spam Journalism series Ele. I see that the Herald website is still carrying the story.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Fran Mold just made the same error on One News, even reading out the words “Mt Albert List MP” while trying to beat up the jack-up theory – pathetic really!


  3. Inventory2 says:

    Your inside information is duly noted here Ele 🙂


  4. Gooner says:

    Thanks for that Ele. Not like the MSM to get all excited and miss a few critical words from a story.



  5. Truth Seeker says:

    If National’s buddy MPs were announced after John Key / the party knew Helen Clarke was going to resign, then making Melissa lee the buddy MP would have been a clear move to see her in position for the nomination.

    We don’t know what day Key and national found out, but I’m assuming it was not very long at all after the November 8th election….and before buddy MP appointments were made.

    The One news story line (that National sought to pre-determine the selection) isn’t beyond the realms of speculation.

    But it is speculative….in the same way gravity is only a theory.


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