E Te Tameiti

Day three of the challenge to match Inventory 2 at Keeping Stock and Adam Smith at Inquiring Mind in posting a song each day as a contribution to New Zealand Music Month.

Since it’s Sunday, I’ve chosen E Te Tameiti, a prayer by John Rowles and the Paki Paki Bilingual Cultural Goup.


Inquiring Mind gives us 31 reasons to love NZ music, a NZ Music bonus  with Blue Smoke and goes Down the Hall on Saturday Night with Peter Cape.

Keeping Stock introduces  Rapture Ruckus

And WhaleOil gives his top 10 Kiwi songs

2 Responses to E Te Tameiti

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    This is quite fun. So far we all seem to be moving along complementary paths


  2. Inventory2 says:

    I’m sure those paths will intersect at some point, but it’s been an interesting exercise so far. The research has been fun, even if it means that other things haven’t got done! I wonder what the odds are that each of us will oost the same video on the same day.


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