NZ Music Month – the challenge

Keeping Stock reminds us that it’s New Zealand Music Month and reckoned he wouldn’t be able to post one Kiwi song a day.

As my post on the top 10 quintessentail Kiwi tunes  showed, my knowledge of modern music is sorely lacking but I reckon I could come up with 31 songs.

I’ve issued a challenge and will show the way with the song that identifies travelling Kiwis all over the world.

We probably don’t sing it  it as well as Kiri Te Kanawa and we might to have to resort to  a bit of la, la, la-ing but anyone who considers her/himself a New Zealander must know this one:

5 Responses to NZ Music Month – the challenge

  1. ZenTiger says:

    I turned the volume up to see if it would break my the windows. It was close.

    I know the chorus at least, but I can twirl the poi (although nunchucku are more fun.)


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Your challenge is duly accepted Ele. Today’s offering is already in the can, and will appear at 7.30am. I spent last night doing reserach (while watching the Hurricanes demolish the Blues 🙂 ) and already have around 15 videos from the early sixties onwards. And as there are five Sundays this month, I will be showcasing New Zealand Christian music on those, and hope to blow the myth that Christian music is pople in sandals singing Kumbayah!!


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    As long as you do not ever , ever post that Dobbyn dirge Loyal. Probably the worst song ever written


  4. adamsmith1922 says:

    I have accepted the HP Challenge and have now posted Days 1 and 2.

    I will try and avoid Dobbyn throughout.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Adam – I’m delighted you’ve accepted the challenge too, hope today’s post with David Dobbyn doesn’t upset you too much 🙂


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