Top 10 quintessential Kiwi songs

Watching the launch of The Great New Zealand Song Book  on Close Up this evening, and following on from the list of top 10 Kiwi foods I decided to compile a list of top 10 kiwi songs.

In random order, showing my age and a woeful ignorance of modern music, I came up with:

1. Pokarekare Ana

2.  Hine E Hine

3. Te Harinui

4. Ballad of the Waitaki

5. Now is the Hour (Po Atarau)

6. Ten Guitars

7. Poi E

8. Tauramanui on the Main Trunk Line

9. We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are

10. Click Go The Shears (which I think we borrowed from the other side of the Tasman).

9 Responses to Top 10 quintessential Kiwi songs

  1. JC says:

    Kamate Kamate has to be in there, also Manu Rere and Hoki Mai would be candidates..

    Incidentally, here’s a list of the top ten NZ swear words:

    5…………… (Maori)



  2. PaulM says:

    “Opo the Friendly Dolphin”.


  3. pdm says:

    My Old Mans an All Black.

    The Kiwi Express


  4. Colin Lucas says:

    Bliss, th’ dudes
    Dominion Road – The Muttonbirds.


  5. Rob Hosking says:

    From a bit more left field:

    ‘Pakuranga Girl’ by Economic Wizards. About Lorraine Downes, Miss Universe. Had the immortal line ‘Lorraine I almost wet my trou/ When you showed them Kiwi girls were the grousest.’

    ‘Sex and Agriculture’ – Dance Exponents.

    ‘NEw Zealand Love Song’ – Netherworld Dancing Toys

    ‘Tomorrow Night’ – Front Lawn. It has it all, Kiwi OE. coming home, and a great bouncy tune.


  6. Stuart says:

    Anything from “Footrot Flats ” the movie Dave Dobin, Herbs Tom Scott Murray Ball and Dog how could you go wrong

    Most of the output by Brother Finn


    Any thing from “When the Cats away”


  7. […] my post on the top 10 quintessentail Kiwi tunes  showed, my knowledge of modern music is sorely lacking but I reckon I could come up with 31 […]


  8. OUCH!!!! The pronunciation is ATROCIOUS!!!! TAY (te) harr reee noooeeeyy? Wish people would learn the correct pronunciation


  9. Sorry this went onto the wrong post. But how about Sticky tar day


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